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DJ Shadow/Prog Influence

I was glad to see Andre LaFosse notice the growing progressive
influence on DJ Shadow.  On his last release there was a very 
interesting piece called "High Noon" that sounds like some 
obscure, unreleased fusion jam with Mitch Mitchell on drums,
Keith Emerson on B3 and some unknown others.  What is very
amazing to me is that his conglomeration of samples sounds
so well integrated and organic that you are listening to some
very fine, well rehearsed band.  Amazing stuff.  It has the
same visceral response as listening to Jeff Beck playing 
"Where were you?" or Allan Holdsworth playing "Road Games"..
that you are listening to a master and there's no way in hell
I'd be able to take the samples from 5 different songs and make
a tune out of it.

Latest listening:
Shawn Lane/Jonas Hellborg - Time Is The Enemy
Buckethead - Colma
Anders Johannsson - Red Shift
Western Vacation
Ozric Tentacles - Curious Corn
Robert Fripp - Gates of Paradise

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