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Re: Recordings

oh, what the hell, my $.02....

- NAMANAX - "Audiotronic" and "Monstrous" - if you can hang on through the
noise content, you will find some interesting drifting loops and sub-bass
rumblings, courtesy of Relapse records co-founder B. Yurkiewicz and guitar-
guru/producer James Plotkin....

- LULL - "Moments" - of course, if you just want the sub-bass loops without
the noise, here it is, courtesy of PAINKILLER/SCORN mastermind Mick 

- Chris Farmer - "Getting Warm on the Trail of Heat*" - might be hard to 
but some really freaky lo-fi beat loopage and experimentation from this
Richmond, VA. local takes some very interesting turns....

first three available from Relapse - po box 251 - Millersville, PA  17551. 
last one might be hard to find - if anyone wants a dub of it, let me know 
I'll see what I can do (and in fact, the liner notes had a line about the
absence of copyright and to dub for anyone who wants one, so we don't have 
go into the copyright roundabout again...)

* - and if anyone knows where the title reference comes from, please fill 
dumb ass in. 

- Bill