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Re: Recordings

bill frisell - gone just like a train...a little whacky looping here and 
spanish fly - insert tongue here....david tronzo on slide gtr., tuba, 
drums....extremely whacky and fun music. reminds me of henry threadgill at
eno - apollo...still and kind of creepy at times. great guitar textures by
daniel lanois, who strikes me at times as a rootsy frisell.
mike watt - contemplating the engine room - great cd. totally engaging. 
bass playing from watt and gtr from nels cline who throws in the odd loop 
and again.
geraldine fibbers - butch...wow, hell hath no fury like a smart angry 
singer. again nels cline plays everything perfectly and sneaks in the
clandestine noise loop here and there. any nels fans out there let me 
know. i
would love to own more of his stuff.
=-) PJ