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Re: Recordings

> From: Dave Trenkel <improv@peak.org>
> To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
> Subject: Re: Recordings

> Henry Kaiser/Waddada Leo Smith: Yo, Miles - No looping here, just a very
> solid collection of '70's electric Miles Davis tunes, particularly from
> more guitar-driven Jack Johnson through Pangea period. Kaiser and Nels
> Cline on guitar, Smith on trumpet, the ROVA sax quartet, Michael Manring
> bass, and many others.

Including Medeski!! i forgot to vote for this one!! i've been spinning this
a lot - great great cd - and Henry - as always has crammed 78 friggin
minutes onto EACH DISC !!!! 

Another one i've been enjoying this week is LD member Frank Gerace &
Cheryl's CD - great anachronistic stuff!! - this is what we'd get if
someone arrived in 1565 with a roland vs880 and a vg8, and a earful of
crimson,bach and hendrix!! Cool patches, Frank. very orchestral, well
composed stuff with midieval (midi-evil??) vocals, sometimes rem of
diamanda galas or dead can dance.