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Re: Recordings

You don't get enough mail, eh?

Mark Kata wrote:
> I guess that our recent debate about the legalities of sampling took the
> wind out of the list.

You guys will probably be deleting these with hair-trigger response
times by the time mine arrives, but what the hay, I've got time to spend
and an esthetic-sense ego to feed:

*Out Of Worship (Sub Rosa): gtr (and other stuff) player from Codeine
meets a drummer/ percussionist with an fx rig (just my style) - great
melding of styles - loops, drones, slides, Mutron, distorted bass drums

*Pluramon - Render Bandits (Mille Plateaux): simply great crunchy
sounding music - Krautrock/ hard disk session with structural depth

*Im Memoriam - Gilles Deleuze tribute (Mille Plateaux): a year or so
old, feat. Mouse on Mars, Trans Am, Alec Empire, Chris & Cosey, Oval,
Scanner, Mike Ink, Christian Vogel etc.

*Ikue Mori - Hex Kitchen (Tzadik):  not brilliant, but interesting
drum-machine-based samplage

*UI - Lifelike (Southern): subtle but effective post(age)-rock, feat.
two basses, electronics and a drummer with lots of other bits mixed in

*Sub Rosa Underwood Sampler - feat. Scanner, Farmers Manual (great drum
machine deconstruction!), Timothy Leary w. dj cheb i sabbah, David Shea,
dj wally (cool) - this CD is CHEAP, so look for it

*Dave Douglas - Sanctuary (Avant)- it taes a while to "get" this, but
there is a lot behind it, similar in scope to "Bitches Brew"

Rob(ber)to Batteria