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Re: Recordings

Cummings wrote:

> You guys will probably be deleting these with hair-trigger response
> times by the time mine arrives...

likewise, but this week's flavors, anyway:

Steve Reich :  Music for 18 Musicians
Mitchell Froom :  Dopamine
Buffalo Daughter :  Rock Music
Megasoft Office 97 (F Com. Compilation)
Tom Verlaine :  Warm and Cool
Pell Mell :  Star City
Massive Attack :  Mezzanine
Wire :  Coatings
Lisa Germano :  Happiness
Bill Laswell / Miles :  Panthalassa
Thelonius Monk :  Prestige Dates
Beth Orton :  Trailer Park
Michael Brook :  Albino Alligator (soundtrack)
Nels Cline :  Angelica
Lou Harrison :  The Perilous Chapel
Tarnation :  Mirador
Morton Feldman :  Routine Investigations, The Viola In My Life, etc.


Lance G.