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Re: Recordings


---Texture444@aol.com wrote:
> some local listening, of late:
(snip large impressive list)

Ya know, I'll often read interviews with working
musicians and composers who will state that they
don't listen to much music at all, since they are so
busy with their own work. It's refreshing to see
someone who's obviously quite the busy professional
listening to such a wide variety. Hell, I'm not
listening to that much new stuff, and I'm not nearly
as busy as dt :-)

My list for 10-5-98:

Gillian Welch - Revival
Gillian Welch - Hell Among the Yearlings
John Scofield - A Go Go
Bill Frisell - Gone Just Like a Train
Bill Frisell - Nashville
Bill Frisell and Fred Hersch - Songs We Know
Tarik & Julia Banzi Al-Andalus - Illumination
Martin Medeski and Wood - combustication
The Ascension Conspiracy - Mother's Blood
Henry Kaiser - Re-Marrying for Money
Steely Dan - Countdown to Ecstasy
Dan Faehnle - My Ideal
Speedy West & Jimmy Bryant - Stratosphere Boogie

Things I want: Vivid, Jon Durant, Joni Mitchell's
latest, Jim Hall's latest, etc. etc. etc.

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