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Re: Recordings

im saving my pennys to buy some more black boxes in order to augment my
inability to play guitar so i can not afford new recordings.......
the last recordings i have listened to:
1. jeff collins "red"
3.jefferson airplane "after bathing at baxters"
4.the mothers "we are only in it for the money" (so this is where most of 
ideas came from?)
5.incredable string band "i looked up"
6.tim buckley "blue afternoon"
7.all and anything you folks post on real audio
seems the only time i listen to music is when im in my truck, when im at 
im too busy making my own noise. i figure if i have time to listen, i have
time to play, otherwise im either sleeping or working. yipes, what a life!
but i must admit, it is scary how much music both old and new is out there
that i have never heard of,all the while thinking that i am quasi-hip to 
happening in the music world. this listing of recordings has been a real 
opener.....thanks .......michael