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Current listenings

I haven't been doing too much in the way of listening recently, since I
have been designing and constructing a surround sound\music monitor
system for my PC at home.

I also picked up a Zoom 2100 the other day, and it is quite a good
little gadget.
I will write a review in a week or so for use on the loopers page.

As far as listening goes, I have a biased selection.
I just received 5 CD's I had ordered from The Artist Shop.

Since DT just posted I guess the coast is clear.

They are:
David Torn - Tripping over God
David Torn - What means Solid Traveller?
Torn\Karn\Bozzio - Polytown
Mick Karn - The Tooth Mother
Mick Karn - Bestial Cluster

I have honestly been listening to them non stop at work for about a
month now.

I have also listened to some :

Pop will eat itself - dos dedos mis amigo
Mindfunk - Dropped

I must be in an energetic music mood, because most of that stuff is very

Snak sNak snAk snaK
Jamie Lack
3D Artist\Designer