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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V98 #154

Hi loopists,
Yesterday I tried out the new Zoom 2100 multi effects unit.
It's small, only about 12" x 8". This means the footswitches are 
a bit close together. You can record 3 x 5sec, "jam" loops all of which
are available simultaneously. When you've made a loop though it doesn't
latch so you need to keep your foot, (or a brick) on the pedal. This is
quite handy for retriggerring a sequence. I recorded a sequence in 3
parts and fired each in turn. This lends itself to the possibility of
varying the order of the sequences but would need some nifty footwork.
There is a 6 sec delay available and a 10sec one. No 10 sec with the
"jam function". In addition there is a 16 sec loop, (the 32 sec loop
really fries, it sounds like 8 bits) it is possible to vary the tempo
without varying the pitch if you so choose. I couldn't try this though
since you have to go in via an aux mini jack to take advantage of the
pitch shifting facility - silly. The manual does warn of excessive
wobble in this mode, (my words not theirs). The unit is generally a bit
lo-fi which is why I'm putting my pennies towards an Echoplex rather
than buying this unit as a stopgap. There is a continuous frying/vinyl
surface noise effect behind everything. I'm sure some would welcome this
but it isn't for me. Still for 150 quid is a great unit for
experimentation and generally larking about with.