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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V98 #154

There is another cheapo looper in Musicions Friend that I just spotted, its
the Tone Works AX1-G. For your 149.99 you get the usual bazillion fx ( 7 at
once!) plus a sample and play loop function for live perfomance which 
you to layer new parts onto repeating patterns. ( in their words ) .It 
that loopers are becoming popular as practice tools and as this one says,
live playing. Great turn of events for looping in general. All the kids
coming up will be exposed early to the concept. Loopers Delight the next
generation is on its way.


Gareth Whittock wrote:

> Hi loopists,
> Yesterday I tried out the new Zoom 2100 multi effects unit.
> It's small, only about 12" x 8". This means the footswitches are
> a bit close together. You can record 3 x 5sec, "jam" loops all of which
> are available simultaneously. When you've made a loop though it doesn't
> latch so you need to keep your foot, (or a brick) on the pedal. This is
> quite handy for retriggerring a sequence. I recorded a sequence in 3
> parts and fired each in turn. This lends itself to the possibility of
> varying the order of the sequences but would need some nifty footwork.
> There is a 6 sec delay available and a 10sec one. No 10 sec with the
> "jam function". In addition there is a 16 sec loop, (the 32 sec loop
> really fries, it sounds like 8 bits) it is possible to vary the tempo
> without varying the pitch if you so choose. I couldn't try this though
> since you have to go in via an aux mini jack to take advantage of the
> pitch shifting facility - silly. The manual does warn of excessive
> wobble in this mode, (my words not theirs). The unit is generally a bit
> lo-fi which is why I'm putting my pennies towards an Echoplex rather
> than buying this unit as a stopgap. There is a continuous frying/vinyl
> surface noise effect behind everything. I'm sure some would welcome this
> but it isn't for me. Still for 150 quid is a great unit for
> experimentation and generally larking about with.
> Gareth