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Re: Zoom & DOD as loopers

At 11:50 -0500 10/7/98, David Myers wrote:
> Also, I don't think I've seen mention of the DOD Dimension 12 on the 
> and a search of the archives didn't bring it up.  From a review I saw, it
> seems that in "delay" mode the Dimension 12 will give 12 seconds of true
> layered looping.  The only apparent bummer is no sync input, but being 
> to dial in exact delay times would deal with that pretty well--enough so
> for my needs at present, anyway.  I'm looking to add some minor looping
> capability to my setup and haven't spotted a Digitech 7.6 or 8000 for 
> time, so the Dimension 12 (at about $240 street) looks pretty good.  
> tried one?

Kim recently put up a page with an archived discussion of the D12.  The
author didn't think much of it, because in sampling mode you can't overdub
or even record the second sample while playing the first.  I agree, sampler
mode isn't really quite what I want.

But yes, in delay mode, you've got 12 seconds of delay time with a feedback
control, and tap tempo.  The delay times can be set to a resolution of 10
milliseconds when it's less than 10 seconds -- 100 milliseconds at 10
seconds+.  The lack of an input level indicator is annoying but trial and
error sufficed.  You can apply modulation to the delay too, and that's
kinda fun.


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