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Re: Zoom & DOD as loopers

At 9:50 AM -0700 10/7/98, David Myers wrote:
>Re the current talk about the Zoom 2100: if I am not mistaken, it appears
>that this unit will only trap sample segments, i.e., it won't allow
>continuous input to layer sounds over time.  I'm not sure that in the
>context of Looper's Delight this is looping at all.  At any rate, it's a
>very important distinction to make.  I hope anyone who has actually used
>the unit will correct me if I am wrong about the 2100.

I wouldn't say that it's Not Looping, just that it's lacking a feature that
many people find very critical.

I think that features like this are important things to consider in looking
at many of these new devices. Many of them have user interfaces that are
not very friendly for live performance and real-time use, and many of them
do little more than "capture audio, repeat it." Jamman, Boomerang, and
Echoplex have been out for years now and offer many more loop functions
than this basic idea, and are much easier to use. I think we oughta expect
more out of anything coming out now.

>Also, I don't think I've seen mention of the DOD Dimension 12 on the list,



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