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RE: Loop reading.

I am reading a bowie biography at the moment.
Generally I read everything, but I like SF of Clarke and Asimov, and I
like books on technical things, or autobiographies of zany people like
I'm not much into serious or obscure type lit , y'know things that like
Nietchze or Burroughs or whatever influential stuff people often qoute. 
I just trawl a bit and practice expanding knowledge from a point source.
i don't read music books much, except for musician bio's and articles.
I am a bit more active in my pursuit of visual stimulation.
I like to watch animation and films.
I am most active in pursuing my musical stumulation, though. Probably
70\20\10 (Music\Viz\Read)

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> >now we all know what we are listening to......what are we 
> >reading? sure, i
> >said " time to listen, is time to play" but on some level i 
> >must read every
> >day. a book is easier to take to bed than a guitar or synth 
> >or computer or
> >drums or significant other or fill in the 
> >blanks......outside of  music mags
> >and equipment reviews and of course loopers delight, the 
> >best thing ive read
> >in a long time is a wonderful book "Confederacy of Dunces" 
> >by john kennedy
> >toole......the reason i ask this, i dont think that there 
> >are that many
> >loopers on our little globe, in fact ill bet there are more 
> >shoe fetishes out
> >there than us......are there any common denominators that 
> >lead us to this form
> >of expression (looping)......perhaps this is an unanswerable 
> >question or
> >perhaps i should just keep quiet......just wondering......michael
> >