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RE: Zoom 2100 loopy samples

The 2100 has a sound on sound delay mode, with at least six seconds of

I contend your statement about sample triggering not being looping.

You get 3 samples on the zoom 2100.
You can make them loop if you try.
You can mix them, trigger them, play them ryhtmically, and overaly them.
You can also replace them while playing others.

It definitely loops.

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> >Sent: Thursday, October 08, 1998 2:50 AM
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> >Subject: Zoom & DOD as loopers
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> >Re the current talk about the Zoom 2100: if I am not 
> >mistaken, it appears
> >that this unit will only trap sample segments, i.e., it won't allow
> >continuous input to layer sounds over time.  I'm not sure that in the
> >context of Looper's Delight this is looping at all.  At any 
> >rate, it's a
> >very important distinction to make.  I hope anyone who has 
> >actually used
> >the unit will correct me if I am wrong about the 2100.
> >
> >Also, I don't think I've seen mention of the DOD Dimension 
> >12 on the list,
> >and a search of the archives didn't bring it up.  From a 
> >review I saw, it
> >seems that in "delay" mode the Dimension 12 will give 12 
> >seconds of true
> >layered looping.  The only apparent bummer is no sync input, 
> >but being able
> >to dial in exact delay times would deal with that pretty 
> >well--enough so
> >for my needs at present, anyway.  I'm looking to add some 
> >minor looping
> >capability to my setup and haven't spotted a Digitech 7.6 or 
> >8000 for some
> >time, so the Dimension 12 (at about $240 street) looks 
> >pretty good.  Anyone
> >tried one?
> >
> >David Myers
> >