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Re: absolutely no loop content

>now we all know what we are listening to......what are we reading? sure, i
>said " time to listen, is time to play" but on some level i must read 
>day. a book is easier to take to bed than a guitar or synth or computer or
>drums or significant other or fill in the blanks......outside of  music 
>and equipment reviews and of course loopers delight, the best thing ive 
>in a long time is a wonderful book "Confederacy of Dunces" by john kennedy
>toole......the reason i ask this, i dont think that there are that many
>loopers on our little globe, in fact ill bet there are more shoe fetishes 
>there than us......are there any common denominators that lead us to this 
>of expression (looping)......perhaps this is an unanswerable question or
>perhaps i should just keep quiet......just wondering......michael

currently reading some old dude named Rene Descartes from the 1600's.

"I think therefore I Loop!"
"I loop therefore I covet gear!"
"I covet gear therefore I think!"

I highly recommend Rene for any looper, as he has his own rather profound
approach to looping. Descartes proved himself to be a very bright guy early
on, even inventing some fundamental mathematical concepts we all were
tortured with as youngsters. And then, convinced of his own mediocrity, he
devoted 9 years of his life to eliminating all of his opinions. Descartes
developed an exemplary approach to thought, whereby he would: never accept
anything to be true which he did not absolutely know to be true; divide
difficult problems into as many simple parts as possible, so that they can
more easily be solved; conduct his thinking in order from the simplest and
easiest to prove through to the more complex; and last, to make his studies
so complete and general as to not omit anything.

Then, after this remarkable effort, Rene employs an amazing bit of circular
logic to prove the existence of God in just three rather convoluted
sentences. Impressive! I heartily encourage you all to create music in that
fashion. In fact, reminds me of many posts here on Looper's Delight.

Sadly, although Rene is considered the Father of Modern Philosophy, he did
not live long enough to invent his own looper or compose any influential
loop music, as he certainly would have. The queen of Sweden hired him to be
her tutor, and demanded that he begin instruction at 5am in cold Sweden. He
died within months. I'm sure the same would happen to me....


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