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absolutely no loop content

now we all know what we are listening to......what are we reading? sure, i
said " time to listen, is time to play" but on some level i must read every
day. a book is easier to take to bed than a guitar or synth or computer or
drums or significant other or fill in the blanks......outside of  music 
and equipment reviews and of course loopers delight, the best thing ive 
in a long time is a wonderful book "Confederacy of Dunces" by john kennedy
toole......the reason i ask this, i dont think that there are that many
loopers on our little globe, in fact ill bet there are more shoe fetishes 
there than us......are there any common denominators that lead us to this 
of expression (looping)......perhaps this is an unanswerable question or
perhaps i should just keep quiet......just wondering......michael