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Re: Computer Studios

Dear all,

        Sorry, that this is not quite about delays/sampling and such, but 
one site
for hardware to check out is http://www.paris.ensoniq.com
This has been one of the quietest pieces of computer audio recording 
I have come across.
        As for the rest of the PC, the biggest thing is to get a 
case/power supply
that is A/V compliant (in otherwords, actually designed for being used in a
studio environment).  I concur with another post which states that the best
way to handle the audio signal is to keep it digital going into the PC and
leaving.  http://www.wmcmusic.com has had the stock and answers for me for 
while, now.  
        If you're desperate for going through a soundcard, the Yamaha pro 
series has
worked really well for me, and the DAC and ADC are fairly quiet.  I just 
to get used to sending a fairly hot signal into the PC, in question.  
        Other issues that shall come up are money, type of hardware used, 
Operating System.  Personally, I've been really happy with a Linux/NT4.0 
that was not that pricey to create.  The video card, audio I/O card, sound
card and the hard drives were the most expensive items in the box.  The 
were picked up a piece or two at a time through different computer shows, 
through the Internet.  http://www.marketpro.com   and

        Anywho, hopes this helps out!