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Reading is fun (da mental...)

i'm in the middle of 3 fiction things right now. i like to split up my
reading when i can:

illusions by richard bach - flying with god instead of seagulls this

the collected short stories of philip k. dick, volumes 1-5 - they're
pretty much the
    same story over & over again, but i've liked this story since i was
7 years old when
    i read eye in the sky,

guns of the south by harry turtledove - a very ridiculous " what if
neo-nazi south
    africans from 2013 had a time machine, went back to civil war
america, & gave
    robert e. lee an endless supply of ak-47's w/ammo" plot line, but

and for no fun at all, i'm spending several hours a day leafing through
the manual to
    m.o.t.u.'s audiodesk, a poorly indexed piece if'n there ever was