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absolutely no philosophy content

Descartes got it all wrong:

>"I think therefore I Loop!"
>"I loop therefore I covet gear!"
>"I covet gear therefore I think!"

...yeah, he may have said this but did he PRACTISE what he PREACHED?  NO!!
If he was a well known Echoplex endorser, who raved about his Klein, then

> Then, after this remarkable effort, Rene employs an amazing bit of 
> logic to prove the existence of God in just three rather convoluted
> sentences. 

Was God in the "Loop" bit or "Covet Gear" bits?

>Sadly, although Rene is considered the Father of Modern Philosophy, he did
>not live long enough to invent his own looper or compose any influential
>loop music, as he certainly would have. 

No, I reckon you should go back to Pythagoras, who composed the Looping of
the Spheres by creating tones using whole SOLAR SYSTEMS!  Or was that


(PS Reading Kerouac's Dharma Bums right now.)

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