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Re: TC-2290?

I might not be up-to-date on this but to my knowladge there hasn't been an
update for the 2290 in years. t.c. is still a rather small company
(although rapidly growing) and I guess they need all their R&D manpower to
develop new products.So as far as looping goes a lot is missing here like
reverse play, serveral loops etc.; stereo can be achieved using two units. 

Anyway it's quite amazing that an FX-unit introduced in the mid-eighties
(!) is still available at all and that has to do with the simply incredible
sonic quality of this box.
For example, when my preamp broke down in mid-gig I rewired the rig & made
do in much haste with a sansamp pedal into the 2290 into pwr amp/speakers.
Was amazed about a solid clean sound and even a nice, smooth overdrive for
my guitar. But afterwards I found that the setting of the sansamp was dead
clean and the quite nice & musical breakup in the sound was coming out of
the 2290's input stage!