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RE: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V98 #154

>I was not going to buy any "small" loopers, because i thought the EDP
>would be a much better tool.
>However, this ZOOM cost me $300 Australian, has a few decent features,
>but an Echoplex would cost me $3000 to get shipped over.
>Hardly an option at the moment.
>Chalk up one thing living in the US has going for it - much lower
>prices\higher wages.

I just checked exchange rates, which are:
Rate: Australian Dollar per 1 United States Dollar : 1.618647

So if an echoplex costs US$650, it would be AUS$1052, right? Is shipping
really going to cost you AUS$1948 ($1203)?  Somehow that seems a wee little
bit exaggerated. :-)  Or is there some sort of exhorbitant down-under tax?
Mel Gibson moved to LA and now you have to make up the difference from his
lost income taxes?


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