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Re: content? yes!

<P>Michael Pycraft Hughes, PhD wrote:
<BLOCKQUOTE TYPE=CITE>Was God in the "Loop" bit or "Covet Gear" 
Yo, I thought *he* was in the details...

<P>&nbsp;On the nightstand currently:

<P>Edward Edinger- <U>Anatomy of the Psyche - An Exploration of Jungian
Psychology Through Alchemical Symbolism</U>
<BR>Edward Tufte- <U>Visual Explanations</U>
<BR>Marc Reisner- <U>Cadillac Desert</U>
<BR>Stewart Brand- <U>How Buildings Learn</U>
<BR>Coleman Barks- <U>The Essential Rumi</U>
<BR>Amos Tutuola- <U>My Life in the Bush of Ghosts</U>

<P>Quote of the moment:

<P>"...you don't read women authors, do you?"

<P>-Dylan, 1988


<P>Lance G.</HTML>