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Re: Y2K

I'm sorry to report that we've discovered a curious Y2K bug in our Echoplex
code. Seems that pressing Multiply, Insert, and Undo simultaneously with
SamplerStyle=ATT, exactly at the stroke of midnight for Y2K causes the
available loop memory to triple. No kidding! We don't understand this bug
at all, and are working desperately to fix it in time. I suggest that,
rather than take a chance, you should turn your echoplex off during this
period, drink heavily, and try to kiss as many people as possible while the
fireworks are going off. That should keep your echoplex safe. That's what
I'm going to do....


At 5:15 PM -0700 10/8/98, Cummings wrote:
>All loops must end on 9/9/99.  Please contact your local purveyor of
>fine musical instruments for information on purchasing a suitable
>replacement device.
>-robber ;-)
>"if a six was a nine, we would shine"
>Chris Muir schrieb:
>> At 11:16 PM -0700 10/7/98, MAT wrote:
>> >Does anybody know if loop machines, delays, reverbs etc. will be 
>> >by the Y2K bug?
>> Not directly, but, like many animals, they can sense the fear and 
>unease of
>> their owners and may get nervious or skittish mirroring the anxiety of
>> their keepers.
>> Chris
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