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Re: PC based looping software?

I have been enjoying Acid by Sonic Foundry; http://www.sfoundry.com/
I have not used it much yet for looping my music but what it can do is very
check it out,

Jeff Duke

Greg Sundberg wrote:

> Is there any software available for the PC that could handle some of the
> looping features of the EDP/Boomerang/etc.?  I'm not talking about
> something like using cakewalk to record parts and then simply have it
> loop continuously.  I'm interested in more of the interactive or delay
> style options of feedback, overdub, etc.  I'm not worried about
> performing live in venues with my PC, just at home for fun -- and the PC
> definitely has the necessary hardware.  If it does turn into something
> that I'll use live, then I'll break down and buy an EDP/'rang/Jamman
> etc.
> Suggestions?
> Thanks,
> Greg
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