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Re: PC based looping software?

But Acid doesn't really meet his request for a more
interactive/real-time/delay style of looping with things like overdub and
feedback. That usually implies the ability to be adding your own audio to
the loops in real time, and controlling that accurately, and nothing on 
really handles that well, or at all. The reason lies in the typical general
purpose OS's used, where audio I/O and user control latencies can be really
long. The time between when audio goes into the box and when it can come 
can be anywhere from 20ms to as much as 500ms, far worse than any
stand-alone box. Making a basic PC do any kind of real-time processing of
real world signals is very problematic for this reason. PC's are ok for
things like hard disk recording, sequencing and sound editing because 
the application has many opportunities to compensate for all the latency.

Stand-alone devices like boomerang/echoplex/jamman/etc are specially
designed for low latencies and tight user control, which makes them much
better suited for more "live" (or real-time) loop creation/manipulation.


At 05:23 PM 10/9/98 -0400, Jeff Duke wrote:
>I have been enjoying Acid by Sonic Foundry; http://www.sfoundry.com/
>I have not used it much yet for looping my music but what it can do is 
>check it out,
>Jeff Duke
>Greg Sundberg wrote:
>> Is there any software available for the PC that could handle some of the
>> looping features of the EDP/Boomerang/etc.?  I'm not talking about
>> something like using cakewalk to record parts and then simply have it
>> loop continuously.  I'm interested in more of the interactive or delay
>> style options of feedback, overdub, etc.  I'm not worried about
>> performing live in venues with my PC, just at home for fun -- and the PC
>> definitely has the necessary hardware.  If it does turn into something
>> that I'll use live, then I'll break down and buy an EDP/'rang/Jamman
>> etc.
>> Suggestions?
>> Thanks,
>> Greg
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