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Re: Childrens' Sequencer Program

another idea might be Rebirth. http://www.propellerheads.se/

I've had quite some fun playing with it. If your kids are into video games,
they will probably be into the more techno/house type sounds that Rebirth 
good at. The interface is maybe a little more confusing than 8 sliders
(emulates the old TB303, TR909, TR808 interfaces/sounds), but I think any
gamer could figure it out. 


At 08:19 AM 10/9/98 -0400, you wrote:
>My kids like computer games, and I thought a software sequencer that
>emulates an old analog sequencer would be easy for them to operate.  Also,
>it's simpler for them to turn on my computer than my looping rig.  And the
>computer is much quieter than my amp.
>Mark Kata
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>>In a message dated 10/9/98 6:23:20 AM, Mark@asisoftware.com writes:
>>>Does anyone know of a sequencer program that works like the old
>>>Electro-Harmonix sequencer--8 sliders (one for each note in the 
>>>that produce an endless loop?
>>>I want to introduce my kids to looping.
>>i'm curious as to why you've focussed upon introducing yer kids to 
>>a 'sequencer', as opposed to having them looping actual audio (via, ya
>>EDP, jamman, boomerang, etc.....) ?
>>looping airborne sounds can be such a vivid, visceral experience, i 
>>what with a microphone, harmonica, hand-drum, turntable, bass, guitar
>>*whatever* as kiddly-controlled input.
>>in my experience:
>>botha my boys cut their loop-teeth on a PCM42/digitech thingie/jamman,
>>many years later, botha them continue to loop, as a source for their own
>>enjoyment & creativity.
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