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Childrens' Looping

Hi All-

Actually I have given my goddaughter a little looping thingie that 
playskool has made.
It looks kinda like a jukebox and has about 16 rhythms, sound effects, 
and instrument parts. 
How it works is that the bambina can assign any of these voices to any 
of 6 spaces and the piece loops. You can change sections on the fly as 
Really fun to show her how things can build or change...



>In a message dated 10/9/98 6:23:20 AM, Mark@asisoftware.com writes:
>>Does anyone know of a sequencer program that works like the old
>>Electro-Harmonix sequencer--8 sliders (one for each note in the 
>>that produce an endless loop?
>>I want to introduce my kids to looping.
>i'm curious as to why you've focussed upon introducing yer kids to 
looping via
>a 'sequencer', as opposed to having them looping actual audio (via, ya 
>EDP, jamman, boomerang, etc.....) ?
>looping airborne sounds can be such a vivid, visceral experience, i 
>what with a microphone, harmonica, hand-drum, turntable, bass, guitar 
>*whatever* as kiddly-controlled input.
>in my experience:
>botha my boys cut their loop-teeth on a PCM42/digitech thingie/jamman, 
>many years later, botha them continue to loop, as a source for their 
>enjoyment & creativity.

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