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RE: Recordings

> y'know, I've heard a lot of television commercials with really cool
> backing
> music in the past couple of years. That's where I've heard the best drum
> n'
> bass lately.  . . .  Was the jingle industry quitely disappeared and
> replace by avant-garde composers? In any case, seems like a fine place 
> some wild loops.
        I've noticed this too . . . my take on it is a little less benign I
guess. To me, it seems like just another instance of a cool art form being
coopted for the sake of commerce - - thereby stripping it of any sense of
danger or threat, and totally subverting it away from the youth culture 
created it . . . turning it into yet another homogenized bit of corporate
culture. IMHO.

        Color me pessimstic . . .