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Re: stereo to mono

Exactly what I thought, but I can't for the life in me work out what I'm
doing wrong.......

I just end up with either the original left or the original right channel.

I've been testing it on a wave file I made myself, mono (both channels
identical) I have me saying "middle, middle, middle", left channel "left,
left, left" and right channel "right, right, right". 

Is this a proper approximation of a stereo file? Cos if it is I just can't
extract the "middle, middle, middle" part by itself.

Any further thoughts would be appreciated.


At 20:32 10/10/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>I'm using SoundForge and have found that you can remove the mono elements
>>of a stereo track...... leaving you mostly with stereo effects (inverting
>>one channel and combing to mono)
>>I would like to use this in reverse.
>>Is there any way that you can remove the stereo elements leaving on the
>>mono parts of a track? I've had no luck so far, and suspect it may be
>>physically impossible.
>I don't use SoundForge, but I take it you don't want to just add the two
>channels. Why not perform the process above to get 'just the stereo 
>invert that, and then add it to the original? That is, why not subtract 
>'stereo only' from the original to get the 'mono only' part? Hey, it's a
>thought. . .
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