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Re: projeKCt two

Whoa boy !!!!

The "Frippheaded Math Rockers" are gonna love you (Dpcoffin)  for that one.

Mention the name Fripp and all people will have somethin to
eventually say.

And I can see it now,  Endless E-Mail Headers looking like this:

"In defense of ..."

"Regarding your criticisms of Mr. Fripp" ...

or , "The Importance of understanding the crafty nature of gentlemen" ...

"Clarification of Fripp's stance" ...

"Of commerce and art or some other "overly analytical "verbiage".

And of Course comentatary will endlessly try to make a response to you into
some type of equation where they can mathematically prove your "Opinion"

Wanna take bets as to how many replies will be like that ???

O' well, I will take the bait Dp provided and finish w/ an opinion.

Now, Opinions are important, but not the end all or be all. And I do happen
to "kinda" agree with DP on this one.

I think project 2 is more of a "for die hard fans" only disc that never
really gets off the ground. I also think it wasn't really ever supposed to 
"barn burner".  It also kinda lets people see what it is that Trey Gunn
does or can do surrounded or burried under all the firepower crimson has 

Spacegroove seems more like a Fripp and "Friends" at home having a "jam"
with the "new drum toy" Belew got in the mail. It strikes me as stuff that
probably never be released under most anal Fripp circumstances.

What I really do like about Spacegroove is that it does not have that 
air of
Frippieness that just about evrything he does has.

I'm more impressed by artists that constantly change their groove once
they've established it. Fripp can and has done that while being completely
tortuous, subversive, subtle, mechanical and purely spellbinding at any 
moment. He's a paradox that does not quite fit anywhere 100%.

Even though Space Groove shows a that there is more to him than what you
normally hear,  I still can't seem to find much interesting or rather
sustaining in these 2 discs other than the dancier traks with the  "Asian"
Sounding type guitar groove on the..
well u know... the dancier cut on the less "fusiony" disc.

This is more like Fripp walking around in his boxer shorts but having a
very good time it seems.