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Re: projeKCt two

> something fresh, if not musically, at least sonically...I got about 3/4
of the
> way thru this SpaceGroove side without spotting anything even slightly
out of
> the ordinary and eventually just called it off...it sounded to me
> predictable, just aimless fleet-footed fusioneering with an occasionally
> annoying bit of pitch-bent quasi-Vibe, standing in for an unmemorable

nope, dp - you missed nothing. I love fripp unabashedly - he is and remains
and will be a favorite and a huge influence and source of musical joy for

But the SPace groove CD is not groundbreaking, no more than the series of
soundscapes albums are. perhaps(?) to fripp's credit - he doesn't call em
such - some of the press - and many fans do...but it's emperors new clothes

But i WILL say - tha by the time i saw them live - they smoked!!!! their
big mistake - was - most of the stuff on the CD was from the FIRST day they
got into the studio and jammed!!! you know - you jam- it comes out great on
tape - you're excited - so you release it (given you have a record company
handy) - but as we all know - the music 2-3 months later will be so much
better in this knida setting... so - i'm puzzled as to why they put out the
embryonic stuff - when the live stuff was incredibly eveolved!!! the show i
saw - plus a tape i'v heard - are simply unmissable. see the fall tour,
tape the CD off a friend....

peace, andre'