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SquarePusher on BBC Radio 3 etc

     Hi all
     This first bit may mainly be of UK-only interest, so apologies, but 
     Radio 3's Mixing It (tonight, 12-x-98 10.45pm) is supposed to include 
     SquarePusher discussing his new CD. Well, that's what they announced 
     last week, but the web site says to expect a session from Tortoise, 
     either way it might be OK.
     Also fairly UK-centric. A new magazine about computers and music 
     called (duh) Computer Music was launched a few weeks ago. Its cover 
     features a list of useful URLs including Looper's Delight - world 
     domination one step nearer then. It also contains a full copy of 
     Cubasis Audio Lite, and a demo of Acid, and as I just got a (proper) 
     new PC, its nice to finally see what all that discussion was about. 
     For the same reason (new PC) I've been reading all the cover-disc 
     (or more accurately trying out all the demos - most of the mags are 
     content-free unless you're especially interested in a product 
     so not much `real' reading. However, I bought a remaindered copy of 
     Idoru, mostly cos Chapter One is entitled Death Cube K, which 
     me of a discussion a while ago about Death Cube K/Buckethead - so who 
     anagramised whom, hmm?
     I'm also about to start Ian McEwan's Enduring Love. And just an hour 
     ago bought the double CD - Rites - by Jan Garbarek which includes 
     something close to block rockin' beats in places - sort of "I shook 
     the tunes" (oh suit yerself). And another version of "...gray voice". 
     But I don't know what it sounds like yet - cos I've go two copies of 
     the second CD, and non of the first! Jolly nuisance. Live as it 
     happens etc.
     Anyone remember Del Bailey's version of the Lost Chord from the 
     compilation album with Fred Frith et al?
     Well that's more than enough so -