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Midi Delay software

On further investigating software looping capabilities of Opcode Max, I found this:


dunno if anyone mentioned this to the list yet, but the this sounds pretty cool.

from the website :
"What is Midi Delay? Midi Delay does many of the same things as a hardware digital delay and more...The programs uses hardware digital delay terminology making it very intuitive to use for most electronic musicians. In this fully registered version of Midi Delay the user gets 15 seconds of delay time, and 10,000 repeats (feedback) on the main delay and 16 multitap delay sections that allows 15 seconds of delay time on each tap and the ability to send the taps on different midi channels or to different midi instruments. The multitap section can be fed to the main delay for further processing and cool looping effects. Midi delay supports Apple's Quicktime Musical Instruments v2.0 and higher as an output source."
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