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Re: regarding Derek Bailey

> I know that fellow looper Andre' Cholmondeley was at the recording of the
> "Sign of 4" recording at the Knitting Factory. In fact..listen to the end
> the third disc and you will hear Andre' yelling "DEREK BAILEY, DEREK
> BAILEY!! Thank you Pat!".

haha (LOL!) i almost forgot that little detail!! yeah - Jeff, you're right
- i was in the smallish crowd at the late knit show of that insane
quartet!! they tore our heads off- has anyone out there NOT heard even a
bit of this great 3 disc set yet??? Tow state of the art drummers and two
sonic masters - Metheny and Bailey - they made spiderwebs of sound, then
WALLS of sound...

I also was lucky enuf to see the great DB at a duos festival at the old
knit - i seem to remember him doing duos with John Zorn .. and maybe Fred
Frith. I've also seen him play a solo set. The guy is just approaching
guitar TOTALLY from the other side... check him out on acoustic - he has a
duets CD with Kaiser called "Wireforks" (get it?)

all hail the bail'