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PC:B Reviewed

Dear Looper's,

The following review of FingerPaint's Primary Colors: BLUE is form the most
recent issue of FAQT Electronic Culture Volume 2 NUmber 4

FAQT is available from Tower Records and other fine stores.

  In an ambient vein of a different sort is FingerPaint from Takoma Park,
MD who have pressed thier own CD called Primary Colors: BLUE. The sounds on
PC:B are quite amazing for such an independent release, a bubbling
meandering collage of sine wasves and synth pads that flirt with new age,
but succed in surpassing that ill fated tag by leaps and bounds.
FingerPaint can be as edgy and intense as it can be relaxing, accomplishing
this with minimal percussion. And a sinister bent brings several tracks
close to dark ambient territory. Well done.

I doubt this will stir up as much angst as el Fripp.......


Now Available:
                      FingerPaint Primary Colors: BLUE

A guitar-synth looping duo of dark illbience and dreamy ambience.
Shockwave audio featuring our newest release Primary Colors:Blue