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Re: Space Groove

Todd Madson wrote:

> I dunno about you, but I kind of like Space Groove.  It's great
> music for driving, that's for sure, especially if you are on a
> rather long trip.
>     What label is this, "Space Groove" on? Discipline records? Is it
> available domestically stateside?  Thanks, James
> It's also rather interesting in that on that first track, Fripp
> gets to solo until his brain falls out (I've finally decided that
> this is Fripp instead of Gunn as there are several obvious
> Fernandes Sustainor bits in there, as well as some Digitech Whammy
> pedal usage).
> Yes, it's not heavily composed and maybe not recorded with an air
> of "THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT RECORDING" about it, but it's sort of
> rare to hear Fripp in a "jamming" situation, where he's obviously
> improvising over a groove (I don't think Thrakattack counts...)
> It sounds fun to me - for that, I like it.  I'm waiting for the
> next real King Crimson project for "next generation" innovation.
> -t