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EDP availability and pre-caffiene thoughts

Just to throw another 2 cents in the mix...( my god....metaphor salad)

Mike Ayers  - Oberheim customer service said:

"Dealer orders rec'd for the EDP are usually shipped the next day."

Which made me happy since I hope to have mine soon.

A group purchase would be cool, but I imagine it would have to be through 
a Gibson products dealer. I doubt they would let us jump over their 
dealer network, even as influential, handsome and creative as I imagine 
all on this list to be (myself excluded until I actually get my 

I've really been feeling comfortable on this list - there's alot of 
interesting ideas & discussions, most everybodys list of influences is 
similar to mine and there's  not a huge volume of "complaint mail" - 
(because the products that everyone uses work well). I've also been 
visiting the various loopers home pages and checking RA files - there's 
some great music.