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Fripp nerves


what a shitstorm

again - the AXIOMS are proven:

"Thou shalt never make a measured, clear comment on Fripp that is not
unabashed praise"

"Thou shalt never try to discuss gradations in quality of Fripp's music"

or are they the lost commandments ??

Christ - do any of the several people who have responded to one pretty
benevolent comment have a copy of my email. ?!?!? Go read it!!!

I said the music is fine - my comments were about the response of the
press/fans - i found it a bit extreme to say the least.... i'm just not
gonna be a auto-pilot fan - where all material by my hero is the greatest
thing, period, at all times. and guess - what!!! Fripp doesn't think
everything he does is at the same level of amazing excellence!!!