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Re: Fripp nerves

> Author:  "andre" <andre@monmouth.com> at INTERNET
> whew what a shitstorm
> again - the AXIOMS are proven:
> "Thou shalt never make a measured, clear comment on Fripp that is not
> unabashed praise"
> "Thou shalt never try to discuss gradations in quality of Fripp's music"

> I said the music is fine - my comments were about the response of the
> press/fans - i found it a bit extreme to say the least.... i'm just not
> gonna be a auto-pilot fan - where all material by my hero is the greatest
> thing, period, at all times. and guess - what!!! Fripp doesn't think
> everything he does is at the same level of amazing excellence!!!

Regarding the numerous comments about how P2 somehow doesn't live up to 
highest level of work... calling it "fusion-like noodling"... "not 
groundbreaking" etc.

Are there any of you out there who actually prefer looser "open" jamming 
minimal imposed structure? Possibly with each member bringing their own 
compositional ideas in the form of "surprises" which they employ at random 
response to the nature of the improv?

I don't personally have "Space Groove" yet (but will)... I saw the Santa 
show and thought it was spectacular...

Miko Biffle                   "Running scared from all the usual