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Call for Papers: Improvising Across Borders -- Saturday April 10, 1999

I came across this and thought there may be a few fo you interested in

>Please feel free to foward, print, or post. Thank you
>Call for Papers
>Improvising Across Borders
> An inter-disciplinary symposium on
>improvised music traditions
>Saturday April 10, 1999
>Department of Music
>The University of California San Diego
>The Critical Studies and Experimental Practices program in the Music
>Department at the University of California, San Diego invites proposals 
>papers and workshops to be presented at a one-day symposium on musical
>improvisation. The symposium will include papers, panel discussions,
>workshops and an evening concert.  Our keynote speaker is distinguished
>composer, performer and improviser, Pauline Oliveros.
>We encourage papers and workshops dealing with improvisation as it occurs
>in any musical tradition, and we welcome proposals from musicologists,
>ethnomusicologists, and musicians, and also from scholars in other
>disciplines such as cultural studies, sociology, women's studies and
>literature.  We are interested not only in performative notions of
>improvisation but also the cultural contexts that influence and shape
>improvised traditions.
>Possible topics include: cultural location with regard to cross-cultural
>trends in current music-making, the politics of reception, theorizing the
>social and political implications of improvised traditions, the role of
>gender and body, and the relationship of improvisation to current changes
>in music - or other - pedagogies.
>Proposals should be a maximum of 250 words.  Individual paper 
>will be allotted 20 minutes.  Length of workshops and panel discussions
>will be determined once all proposals have been reviewed.
>Deadline for Proposals: 01 December 1998
>Please send proposals to:
>University of California, San Diego
>CS/EP Symposium
>Department of Music, 0326
>9500 Gilman Drive
>La Jolla, California 92093-0326
>Further inquiries may be forwarded to either:
>Dana Reason (dreason@ucsd.edu)
>Michael Dessen (mdessen@ucsd.edu)