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Re[497]: Group buy Echoplex (ad nauseum)

>>Mike.Biffle@wj.com writes:
>> You wacky loopers! Let's all hold hands in cosmic adoration of each 
>> loop noodles! Gimme a hug!

> Hey Miko,
> Have a bad day at work?
> Jp

Hi John,

While waiting for meaningful dialog, I developed a mild case of Looper's 
Tourette's... I *meant* to set sarcasm mode somewhere lower than STUN... 
if the humor was a little caustic! 8-> Hey!.. Maybe it *is* work, now that 
mention it.

There have been two or three attempts to begin threads which received no 
replies. I did get some offline comments, but would have liked to see more 
the group's opinions... I'll give it one more try.

One post was about motivations and influences outside of music, and how 
affect our process... (after the LD lit crit thread)

The other post by myself queried about how we can, in several posts, 
Fripp for jamming/improvising without discussing or comparing this work to 
more succesful attempts by other artists and why they were successful. (or 
something like that.)

It seems that *most* of us improvise... some completely, other's not quite 
much... How do we create meaninful work of this nature which will endure 
still retain that free spirit?

This query is *NOT* a defense of Fripp... This is an attempt to find 
methods to 
improvise which will lead to interesting and so-called groundbreaking 
music. I 
found Derek Bailey's book very interesting and inspiring, but now would 
like to 
see how other's here deal with the pitfalls of "walking the wire" in 

BTW: Thanks for asking, John!

Yours truly,
-Miko Biffle

Miko Biffle                 "Running scared from all the usual