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EDP bulk purchase

Depending on price, I'd be interested as well.  However I share the 
pessimistic (realistic?) view that Gibson/Oberheim probably cannot do 
this for various contractual issues they have with their distribution 
channel partners.

The possibility remains that a bulk purchase discount could be obtained 
from a reseller.  Maybe Musician's Friend?  Buck, could you look into 
that?  (I'm only kidding....)  Of course a reseller might not want to 
discount that heavily when they need to ship dozens of units to separate 

The real question might be: What would you consider a good deal on an 
EDP and the FC?  $500 for both?  $600?  What price makes it worth 
everyone's while.  I have no idea what the mark-ups are and therefore 
how much room there is to maneuver.


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