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Re: EDP bulk purchase

what is going on about this bulk purchase EDP deal?  I must have missed the
original email on this

>I'm interested in getting myself an Echoplex. It would be great to get a
>bulk purchase. Perhaps get a deal with a guitar shop to get the price at a
>little above dealer cost. I'm interested in being the one to do that. You
>can check out the website of the company i work for at...
>be advised that the site is old and we do not have the JamMan that is on
>there. If it was on there...I'd have it.
>By the way. I am working on Saturday and Monday. So if you wanna call and
>check it out...we can do that.
>Jeff Collins

Paul Poplawski, Ph.D.
email =  paulpop@ssnet.com or ppoplawski@state.de.us
phone service = 302/737-4491
weekday office = 302/577-4980