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RE: EDP bulk purchase

I would be interested as well

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>> >What have I wrought?
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>You have stirred EDP lobal brain activity.!!
>You have awakened the primordial loop in all of us.!!
>You have..
>Oh... and I too would be interested in the group purchase.
>I have some suggestions on how this should be carried out.
>If the bulk purchase is made through a dealer, then a single trustworthy
>dealer\person should be the contact.
>All of the Echopli should be in stock at once if possible, and all of
>the funds should be transferred at around the same time.
>All of the Echopli should be maxxed out with memory, yes?
>As far as price goes, I would think that for a maxxed out EDP with foot
>controller, $600 would be a great buy, and $650-$670 would be realistic
>bulk purchase.. Anyone have any price comments?.
>Also, everyone should have the same order, ie. limit the possibility of
>For people of non-US residence, then maybe a person\people in the US can
>send the EDP to others as "gifts" or trivial non-commercial devices with
>low price tags, so the recipients can avoid high taxes and duties.
>To make this work, we also need a US contact for the bulk purchase.
>Any volunteers?
>To qualify you must have less than 5 years jail time for offences like
>fraud, embezzlement etc.

Paul Poplawski, Ph.D.
email = ppoplawski@state.de.us  or  paulpop@ssnet.com
phone (service) = 302/737-4491    weekday office = 302/577-4980