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Re: Loopers-Delight-d Digest V98 #168

>The real question might be: What would you consider a good deal on an 
>EDP and the FC?  $500 for both?  $600?  What price makes it worth 
>everyone's while.  I have no idea what the mark-ups are and therefore 
>how much room there is to maneuver.

The list for the EDP is $995 & ASFAIK Gibson is one of those 50%-off list 
companies, (as  the usual retail on their guitars is 40% off list)but 
they may offer price breaks for larger quantities. No idea on the pedal 
though...maybe list is $175 or $200.

My guess is that my local store is paying about $500 + frieght for the 
EDP. I imagine that both the pedal & EDP for $600 would be nearly 
impossible - unless someone was willing to completely for go profits.

I'll call a couple of people today & see what can be worked out...