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Re: EDP Group Purchase - I got prices...

Hi John,

You folks move quickly down there, eh?

Thanks for looking into that.

I'm in. 

I understand that shipping to Canada will be extra. Federal Express is the
only way to get anything reliably to this part of the Galaxy -- UPS DOES
NOT work well in Nova Scotia. Fedex also makes relating to Canada Customs a
snap for the shipper -- they just fill out a short, simple form, and after
that don't need to deal with it at all. I have a company FEDEX account that
I would like to use, if possible. But if that's too complicated, it isn't

What about additional memory -- i.e., filling it to capacity? Is it
possible to get one equipped that way?



At 11:05 AM 10/16/98 -0500, you wrote:
>OK - here's the scoop. I talked with the owner of Alto Music in 
>Middletown, NY and told him I might be able to move 7 to 10 units ( based 
>on the list response).
>$560 for the EDP
>$660 For both the EDP & Pedal + shipping (& tax if you're in NY)
>If we're gonna do this we'll have to work out some kind of pre-payment 
>scheme since I'm sure he won't order $4000 - 5000 of EDP's on a promise. 
>He's a very cool guy and ALWAYS gets me the best prices.
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