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Re: Recordings..turns into loops with variation

From: Andreas Willers, 113051,3061
To: INTERNET:Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com,
Date: Don, 31. Dez 1908 12:00:00

RE: Re: Recordings..turns into loops with variation

Hi, thanks for the input on 'treated' loops. Yesterday night I recorded a
prepared loop parallel on three different tracks and just moving the faders
around created some eerie minimalistic motion...

I'm just listening to a recording called 'Tango & Company' (on
JazzHausMusik / North County) by Henning Berg (tb) & John Taylor (p). They
are doing improvisations with an interactive computer program by Henning
that is being fed by mike-to-midi and a midi grand piano. They can make
'tango' (as it is called) respond to their input in differnet ways (it can
build loops!) and playback stuff via midi/synths etc.

BTW, I heard (trombonist) George Lewis is developing things in a similar
direction - anyone knows more?

Best, Andreas

P.S.: other current listening: Louis Sclavis Acoustic Quartet, Irvine
Arditti Recital for Violin (Solo, has some Fernyhough on it - thanks for
the hint from here sometime ago) 

P.P.S.: I am currently reading things about Africa, just finished T.
Coraghessan Boyle (from LA) 'Water Music'. A quite pessimistic rewriting of
diarys by an original English researcher/discoverer/stupid kid, quite good.
SInce I travelled (and performed) quite a bit in Western Africa it stirrs
up a lot of memories and definetely influences my playing, but not in a
direct A-B fashion. I'm not polishing  my 'Highlife' guitar licks (hey, but
maybe I should?)