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Re: Recordings..turns into loops with variation

> I'm just listening to a recording called 'Tango & Company' (on
> JazzHausMusik / North County) by Henning Berg (tb) & John Taylor (p). 
> y
> are doing improvisations with an interactive computer program by Henning
> that is being fed by mike-to-midi and a midi grand piano. They can make
> 'tango' (as it is called) respond to their input in differnet ways (it 
> n
> build loops!) and playback stuff via midi/synths etc.
> BTW, I heard (trombonist) George Lewis is developing things in a similar
> direction - anyone knows more?

Late reply here...

George uses custom interactive music software which he calls "Voyager".
He wrote it in Forth.  He runs it on a PowerBook.  I think he uses the
voice-to-MIDI function on a Roland VP70 to convert his trombone playing.
Voyager is not loop-specific, though it may occasionally do it by 
It is designed to be a full partner to its human counterpart in the 
improvisation process.  George has a cd entitled _Voyager_ on John Zorn's
Avant label which devoted to Voyager.

Paolo Valladolid
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