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Re: The story of our age?

>Questions to all loopers:  
>If music (& other artistic expressions) reflect interests and -- if you 
>-- the "story" of a generation or of an age -- 
>1) then what is the "story" of our age?
>2) what are examples of music today depicting today's story?
>I'm really curious to read what you guys think.
>david kirkdorffer

Dear Kirk,

I hate to say it, but that's really a very subjective question that will 
as many varying answers as there are people who are responding to them...

        The story of our age could be set upon the backdrop of decadence or
disillusionment, just as there are a few groups whose music touches upon 
hope that tomorrow will be better.  Again it is really what you listen to
musically, theatrically or socially.  I'm not hip on the classical, country
and rap scenes (not to mention all the other populiar music that exists in 
world).  Personally, I prefer the "art rock", "acid, fusion, small ensemble
jazz", "world music" (folk and/or religious, and yes, it is due to Peter
Gabriel) and the occasional bit of Japanese populiar music due to anime.  
such a tiny sampling, there are still a multiple of view points going on...

        Marillion, Rush, Genesis, Pink Floyd, and Fish all have differing
perspectives on daily life and then more so on broader based issues going 
within the world, but for the most part they all have the same thing to say
concerning society, and that people are really very alone, and have 
how to reach out and say, "hellay there!"  Something about a multitude of
failed relationships, which may or may not have had problems to start of 
In some cases the computer has become the surrogate society even though it 
nothing more than a tool!  Not to misquote the Crow, but the idea has been
forgotten by the institution.

        I don't tend to write lyrics myself, mostly because my voice would 
make a
raven squawk!  My ideas are usually based upon a groove provided by a
multitude of different instruments (mostly strings ranging from hammered
dulcimers to electric guitars, I even used a vina once) and have them 
sampled or recorded via a "looping device" to then be modified or left on a
near infinite loop until another wave or movement comes to mind.  (Didn't
think that I'd mention anything relative to the forum, eh?)  
        My tendency is to play to my emotions rather than a particular 
story or
thought.  Sometimes it is completely happy and bubbly.  Other times, I can 
a little manic or even depressed, but such is life and the changes in
audiences...  So, to answer your question on a personal level, I would 
have to
say that the story of our age as seen through my eyes is one of delirium
wrought by intricacy under the facade of order.

        Hope this helps you out.